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Terms of Use

This website is updated and managed by The Assembly Saline. The content reflects the views and opinions of the church leadership. Dates and times for scheduled activities are subject to change. Please verify the dates and times for any special activities.  

Donations given become the property of The Assembly Saline and may not be refunded. or returned. The church board determines how funds are used and makes every effort to adhere to the giver's wishes, but funds may be reallocated by board consent.  While donations to The Assembly Saline are considered tax deductible charitable giving by the IRS, you should consult your tax advisor as to your specific situation. Annual giving statements are sent out in January each year. You are responsible for ensuring the church has your current address on file.  If you do not receive your giving statement by the 3rd week of January, please contact the church to have a new statement issued.

All content is copyrighted and use of any images or videos on this site is prohibited without express written consent of The Assembly Saline.

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