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Privacy Policy

Your personal information and privacy is important to us! We will never sell your name, address, phone number or other personal information that you share with us.

Information provided on this site will only be used for communicating with you.

Your image may be captured on video or photographs while in attendance at our church activities.  Our services are videotaped and livestreamed.  Attendance at any of our activities is granting permission for us to broadcast your image and to use any image captured for purposes of communication with or promotion of the church.

Safety and Security

We utilize third party programs for online donations.  Cash and Credit/Debit card donations are managed by encrypts your transactions and ensures the security of your transactions. using the latest bank-level security systems.'s security policy can be found here.

A security system is in place in the church building to ensure your safety and the safety of our children. Live video feed from children's rooms are recorded and at least two adults are with the children at any time.  No adults other than parents or guardians are allowed in restrooms with a child. If your child needs assistance, we will come and get you.

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