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In today's world, "truth" seems to change every time we turn around.  But at The Assembly Saline, we believe that the Bible is the source of unchanging truth. We believe it is God's Word to us and that it explains how we are supposed to live in a loving relationship with our almighty Creator and with each other. 

We believe that Jesus is God's divine Son and that His death on the cross paid the penalty for our sin (things we do that do not please God). His resurrection from the dead three days later made it possible for those who believe in Jesus to have a restored relationship with God now and an eternal life with God in the future.

We also believe that Jesus went to heaven in bodily form and that He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us, to teach, guide, empower, and help us in our daily lives. He brought with Him "gifts of the Spirit" that are for all believers and are special workings of His presence in our lives and are meant to bring glory to God. For a complete list of our Statements of Faith, please click here.

We are a family church for all generations, living and growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We do LIFE together!

Our Core Values
Love * Invest * Faith * Engage

Each of our values has three components:
UP:  Our Relationship with God
IN:  Our Relationship with each other
OUT: Our Relationship with the world
Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of our church is to be and make disciples.

A disciple is a learner.  Someone who is learning from a teacher by observing his/her life, building a relationship with the teacher, then modeling the teacher's life.

At The Assembly our teacher is Jesus Christ and we are learning to know Jesus better and to follow His example in our lives.  As we do so, we are teaching others what we have learned...we are being and making disciples. 

Tutoring a Student
Laundry Ministry - kim joppeck brad schwartz, lynn mccain.jpg

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach people for Jesus Christ in love and power!

We believe each person must make a choice as to the path their life will take. There are two primary choices: 

1.  Do things my way or

2. Do things God's way.

According to the Bible, the first choice leads to an eternal separation from God, which is called hell. The second path, doing things God's way, leads to an eternal relationship with God, which begins now and leads to heaven.

Our vision is to help people understand the path they are on and the choices that are before them, then introduce them to Jesus Christ. To reach them, support a number of missionaries serving around the world.  We also engage in outreach events, such as the laundry ministry pictured to the left, or host neighborhood picnics, or pray for healing or other miracles for those in need.  The options are nearly limitless and we invite you to join us as we reach people for Jesus Christ!

Hands Up

We Need Your Support Today!

Are you looking for a "big need" project to support?  The Assembly Saline is currently in need of the following:

  • Parking lot restoration

  • Rolled roof replacement over the west wing (over the youth room, game room, and resource room)

  • Painting of education wing

  • Carpet tile and cove molding installation

  • Shower tile flooring replacement

Cash or In-Kind donations for these needs are welcome!  To give an In-Kind donation, please contact Pastor Lynn at or at 734-417-5884.  Thank you!!

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